Yarn Review – Mighty Stitch from WeCrochet

I recently began writing my first original blanket pattern (stay tuned!) and ended up trying a new-to-me yarn. I had purchased a sweater quantity of Mighty Stitch from wecrochet.com with the intention of making myself a cardigan for when I eventually get to go back to my job in person. And then, the combination of suddenly being inspired to write a blanket pattern and my office return date getting pushed back to September (and rightfully so) I decided to shanghai my Mighty Stitch hoard to use for the blanket instead.

Let me tell you, this is going to be my go-to for worsted weight blankets, probably forever. It is so soft. It is a blend of 80% acrylic and 20% superwash wool and just from feeling it, you would not be able to guess there was any acrylic in there whatsoever. It feels very luxurious for the fiber content and price point. Plus it’s a superwash yarn, which is a must for me – I personally tend to avoid yarns that I can’t wash with the rest of my laundry. Ain’t nobody got time to hand wash and dry flat!

When it comes to this yarn’s use in the blanket I’m making, it’s absolutely perfect. It’s a corner-to-corner pattern and I’m using a 5 mm hook which is standard for worsted weight yarns. The hook and stitch combo is producing such a plush, yet somehow very drapey blanket which is pretty much the Holy Grail for blankets. The acrylic content makes it durable and the wool adds an extra element of warmth that blankets crave.

As far as how this yarn works up, the sheen that this yarn has makes the stitch definition really impressive. The texture that the c2c stitch I’m using is really optimal for this yarn as well as it allows the softness of this yarn to take center stage. (See the photo to the right!)

Overall, if I were to give this yarn a rating out of 10 with 10 being the best, I would give it an 8.5 out of 10. I have two very small issues with this yarn. Number one, I always wind my yarn into cakes with a yarn winder and the fiber content makes the yarn static-y when I’m winding. I love using it it but when it comes time to wind another skein I get a few shocks along the way! Nothing that a few dryer sheets can’t fix when the blanket is done, but something to keep in mind if you wind your yarn as well before use. Number two, this yarn has just a scootch of a halo, most likely due to the wool content, and if you use this yarn for something like a garment that will get washed more frequently, it might get a iittle fuzzy over time.

All in all I’m completely obsessed with this yarn, and for good reason. With its color palette and expensive-feeling softness, I’ll definitely be turning to it in the future for a wide variety of projects. It runs $4.99 for 208 yards which I think is perfectly fair and reasonable for what you get.

Happy stitching!

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