Tunisian Braid Stitch Scarf – Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern

Better late than never – it’s FINALLY autumn! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year – the weather is absolutely perfect for me. I adore being able to go outside in jeans and a hoodie and just be comfortable. The smell of dry leaves is one of my all-time favorite scents, and it’s the time of year where no one can judge me for binge-watching gory slasher movies!

I love spending time outside in the autumn, walking through the woods, sitting around bonfires, and even just having the windows wide open in my apartment. But it’s finally starting to cool down, and the absolute easiest way to warm up is with a nice, thick scarf!

I am absolutely ecstatic to be participating in the 2021 Furls Blog Hop! Many, many other indie fiber artists and I are coming together to bring you 52 free crochet, knit and Tunisian patterns to satisfy your crafty thirst! Make sure to click on the link above and explore all the other fabulous patterns available through the blog hop! (This post contains affiliate links!) As a very new designer, I’m very excited to share my work with all of you.

Have you tried Furls crochet hooks and yarn? If you’re like me and have wrist problems even when you’re not crocheting for 12 hours straight, Furls hooks are an absolute must. The ergonomic handles and perfectly balanced weight make it possible for me to binge watch Star Trek all weekend and stitch, stitch, stitch away with no pain in my wrists. And Furls was kind enough to provide me with their Wander acrylic yarn for this project – it comes in a fabulous range of colors and is super-soft enough to create the perfect squishy scarf!

Tunisian Braid Stitch Scarf


Hook: 6.5mm straight Tunisian Hook (I used Furls)

Yarn: 600-800 yards of worsted weight acrylic yarn; I used about 150 yards each of Furls Wander in Ambrosia, Cobblestone, Velvet and Meadow

Tapestry Needle & Yarn Scissors

Small notebook, piece of cardboard or fringe maker to make fringe


12 rows x 9 braid stitches = 4″ square

Stitch Abbreviations

  • Ch – Chain
  • Tss2tog – Tunisian simple stitch 2 together
  • Yu – Yarn under
  • RetP – Return Pass
  • LTs – Last Tunisian stitch

Special Stitches

  • Tss2tog – Insert hook under next 2 bars, yarn over and pull through both loops.
  • Yu – Bring yarn in front of hook and hold working yarn in place with your finger, as with Tunisian purl stitch.
  • RetP – Chain 1, yarn over and pull through two loops until 1 loop remains on hook.
  • LTs – The last stitch in the row will have 3 loops due to the way the colors are carried up. Insert hook in the two outside loops (skipping the middle loop), wrap next color around hook (making sure to keep last yu in place!), yarn over with first color and pull through the entire stitch.


  • This pattern features a unique stitch that is a modification of the Tunisian smock stitch that I’m calling the braid stitch. Whereas with smock stitch you start each row by offsetting the Tss2tog by one stitch, the braid stitch does not offset at the beginning of each row. You will be inserting your hook into the same 2 vertical bars each row, creating a braided effect. See figure below for hook placement.
  • You will be alternating between two colors at a time. Switch colors at the beginning of each Return Pass.
  • The colors are carried up at the beginning of each Return Pass; to keep it very neat, wrap the next color around your hook before you complete your Last Tunisian Stitch. See figure below.
  • Remember that with Tunisian, the first loop on your hook at the beginning of each row does not count as a stitch and should be skipped.
  • Due to the nature of the stitch, your stripes will have a very slight slant to them – only noticeable when the scarf is laying flat!


Row 1: With 1st color, ch 50. Pull up a loop in each st. LTs, attach 2nd color, RetP.

Row 2: (Tss2tog, yu) until last st, LTs, alternate color, RetP.

Rows 3-15: Repeat Row 2.

Row 16: (Tss2tog, yu) until last st, cut off yarn color you would normally switch to. LTs, attach new yarn color, RetP.

Row 17-30: Repeat Row 2.

Row 30-45: Repeat Row 16-30.

Repeat Row 30-45 until scarf is desired length; mine is about 5ft long. Each color should last over 2 stripe sections.

Last row: Insert hook under next vertical bar, pull up a loop and pull through both loops on hook.

Fasten off; weave in ends and add fringe!!

Now you have a super thick and squishy scarf with a really interesting color-changing effect!

4 thoughts on “Tunisian Braid Stitch Scarf – Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern

  1. You know what the magic words in this post were…



    Fantastic pattern has an amazing texture looks fab with the diff colours can’t wait to try it with monotones!
    I will be putting it on my list between my next 2 projects!!

    Thanks for sharing ❣️💙❤️💙


  2. Hi Chelsea!! I’m working on your scarf now. I love the pattern. I’m new to Tunisian crochet abs I’m not loving the end of my working rows (where I carry up the color and work in the last stitch). Do you have a video tutorial by chance?


    1. I’m sorry, I don’t! Are you wrapping your old color around the hook as you start your return pass? Otherwise you can always cut your yarn at the end of each forward pass but then you’ll have lots of ends to deal with.


      1. I am, but I think I’m more confused about what exactly I’m stitching into at the end. It may be because I’m new to Tunisian. The ends just look messy. I’ll keep working on it. The rest looks great!!


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