My name is Chelsea but everyone calls me Chelly! I crochet every day for hours on end and I’m just getting started turning my hobby into a side hustle. I’m interested in writing original crochet patterns, tech editing, and pattern testing.

When I’m not crocheting (which is rare, let me tell ya) you can find me playing Animal Crossing, reading Stephen King books, watching Star Trek (Deep Space Nine is my favorite) and listening to music. I love the yarnpunk community – we love to work with yarn while headbanging. I listen to everything from System of a Down (my favorite band) to Rachmaninov.

I live with my beloved cat Jack in Milwaukee, WI and have a day job doing medical database management. In the past I’ve been a hairstylist and gone to nursing school and music school (I’m a classically trained oboist!) None of those things are what I really want to do and I’m hoping this venture takes off into a full time gig.

Much love and positive vibes!